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Treatments for Tension Headaches, Migraines

and Sinus Congestion

Sinus or Headache Massage Treatment  30min $45

Add to a Massage $20

Massage can ease the pain caused by tension headaches, migraines, and sinus congestion.  Relaxing the muscles around the neck and working specific trigger point areas at the base of skull and around the sinus cavity can drastically reduce future flair ups. This relief can be experienced within a short matter of time.

Deep Pore Facial Combined with


Headache or Sinus Treatment               75 min   $105

This facial deeply cleanses the skin while simultaneously clearing the sinus cavity, and decreasing headache pain, caused by seasonal allergies or tension. This pressure point facial releases fluid trapped in the sinus cavity causing puffiness and dark

circles to subside.


Foot Reflexology  30 min $45         60 min$60

Pressure is applied to the reflex points of the feet which correspond to organ systems of the body, aiding in the release of blocked energy, allowing the energy to flow freely and promoting healing.


Ear Candeling    $35

A unique treatment that combines pressure point sinus massage and aromatherapy oils, this treatment

removes build-up in the ear and in the sinus cavity; it is both safe and relaxing.





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