Pevonia Deep Pore Facial                                     60 min $80

Our skin care professional will personalize this facial using specific Pevonia products selected for your skin condition, resulting in clean healthy skin.


Deep Pore Facial Combined with

Headache or Sinus Treatment                                 75 min   $105

This facial deeply cleanses the skin while simultaneously clearing the sinus cavity, and decreasing headache pain, caused by seasonal allergies or tension. This pressure point facial releases fluid trapped in the sinus cavity causing puffiness and dark circles to subside.







Pevonia Acne Treatment               60 min $85

Reduces sebum secretion and lower inflammation, it can heal acne blemishes and balance the skin is increased.




Ultimate Facial/Instant Lift and Glow   60 min $160

Pevonia Enzyme Peel and Collagen mask:

In 1 hour you will see a reduction in wrinkles. Immediately brightens, firms, tightens and refines skin textures.


Dermaplane Facial                     60 min $95

It's a non-invasive procedure that removes dead skin and unwanted hair, deeper

 exfoliation, elimination of fine wrinkles and  glowing skin.



No Needle Beauty Therapy Facial   90 min   $150            


Great for all skin types. The micro roller helps stimulate elastin and collagen production. The pulse frequency helps tone and rejuvenates skin cells slowing down the aging of skin.


Back Facial       60 min        $80​


Awaken your skin with a deep cleansing, extraction, mask followed by light massage. This facial relieves congestion and inflammation

Lifting Facial Massage      60min       $150
The natural lift facial massage involves a sequence of defined moves specifically designed to improve the complexion, remove toxins, prevent and reduce facial wrinkles and age spots by stimulating facial muscle tone and circulation. Maintenance after treatment will be between 3/4 weeks. Ask for more details...



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