Body Wraps and Scrubs



Green Coffee/Cellulite Wrap       60 min   $120                                ​​

Warm green coffee is applied all over your body.  While you relax the wrap stimulates your body’s

ability to break down fat and water retention.



 Desert Heat Wrap          60 min   $100

Self heating bubbly wrap rich in copper, one of the best heat conductors used within the medical field for skin repair, wound healing, and anti-aging.



 Pevonia Hydrating Aromatherapy Body Wrap/Scrub    $105

Treatment begins with an exfoliating salt scrub, that not only removes dead skin cells and increases circulation. After which an aromatic hydrating body lotion/butter is applied.


 Lumafirm Body Wrap                               90 min $150

Turn back the hands of time with this instant, visible transformation.This body treatment lavishes your skin with its enticing, refreshing aroma as it quickly absorbs and drenches your skin with continuous repair and rejuvenation.

Silky Skin Body Scrub                        60 min  $65

Gentle and deep cleansing. This eliminates dead skin cells, superficial toxicity, impurities and sebum accumulation resulting in more youthful skin.

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